Food Forum Survey

Please rate each strategy using a scale of 0 to 4, where 0 is not important and 4 is most important. Select X if you do not wish to answer this question.

1. Land
Preserve rural agricultural land.
Encourage the revitalization of already developed land sites.
Promote urban food production.
Lease public lands (parks, utility rights-of-way, etc) to farmers to grow food.
Support affordable land for farmers.

2. Farmers & Sustainable Production
Support farmer training (ex Seed Farm, Cooperative Extension)
Provide marketing support for locally grown foods.
Encourage production of food crops on agricultural lands.
Encourage sustainable farming practices.
Promote climate-smart agriculture.

3. Infrastructure
Support local food processing opportunities.
Create kitchen incubation facilities to offer business development opportunities.
Create local food distribution networks.
Support local food use in public schools.
Create and expand local food purchasing policies in government facilities and institutions.

4. Consumers & Healthy Retail
Promote the consumption of fresh, locally grown foods.
Promote the use of SNAP benefits(food stamps)  at farmers’ markets
Expand Farm Share programs.
Expand efforts to reduce food waste.
Pay farmers a fair price for food.
Support home gardens, poultry-raising, and/or beekeeping within municipalities.

5. For this response, please rank each of the four areas in order of importance using unique values (use A, B, C and D ONLY one time each), where A is most important and D is least important.
6. Do you live in a community where it is difficult to purchase fresh food?
If yes, Why? 
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